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La Crosse woman visited all 457 Kwik Trips in Wisconsin in 2021

Woman visits every Kwik Trip
Posted at 11:50 AM, Jan 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-14 14:55:45-05

It's one of the most impressive feats ever accomplished by a Wisconsinite. A woman from Wisconsin has visited every single Kwik Trip in the state in just one year. There are 457 Kwik Trips in Wisconsin which means she went to more than one a day.

Cassandra Berger from La Crosse chronicled her entire journey on YouTube.

We all know Wisconsinites love the gas station/convenience store but this takes the passion for Kwik Trip to a whole new level. But how did she have the time do this? Well, according to her LinkedIn profile, she is a freelance worker for Kwik Trip. Even though she works for the company, it's still impressive.

You might think that she holds the record for most Kwik Trips visited by one person. However, Brent Erdmann from New London actually visited 615 Kwik Trips in 2020.

"I was at 93 different stores (in 2019), and I think that even the year before that (2018) when I think I was at 40-something. That kind of just triggered me to - let's see how we can get here," he said.

He ended up going to 615 out of around 750 stores across the Midwest. He bought a snack at each location to "make it count." This involved a lot of driving. Brent estimates he traveled around 50,000 miles on his journey.

So shout out to these two Wisconsin heroes who have bravely done what some can only dream of.

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