Kiddie Mobile LLC transports your kids like Uber

Posted at 10:38 PM, Nov 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-24 23:38:06-05

MILWAUKEE -- Keyona Vines hits the road early, logging up the miles.

"Everybody who I explained the program to they are like 'oh great you are like a kiddie Uber' I like to say we are better than kiddie Uber, because it's one driver and your kid's familiar with them."

Vines explains it was a bad school bus experience that had her thinking she wasn't the only parent looking for alternate transportation options.

"She was about six years old and one day she never showed up at the bus stop. I found out later that the bus driver went on another route with a whole nother school...when she got off the bus she was really shaken and crying."

And from that Vines launched Kiddie Mobile LLC, a car service targeting busy parents in need of getting their kids from point A to B.

Lisa Kapitz says the ride share service was a godsend for her daughter.

"I was literally like pulling out my hair going frantic, how do I find somebody within three days to take my child to school?" recalls Lisa Kapitz.

Safety is a top priority for the company. All Vine's drivers are screened and required to pass background checks.

Kiddie Mobile wants to make sure children are safe and parents feel confident in allowing their children to ride. So each car is equipped with a dash camera. Once the car starts moving, the camera starts rolling - recording every trip.

"This has changed our lives absolutely," said parent William Singleton.

Kiddie Mobile LLC charges a pick up fee plus mileage for each trip. The cost, one parent says, is well worth it for his family.

"If I leave work for one hour that one hour of work pays for a week of the transportation. It's a no brainer for us."