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Cook for the homeless finds kitchen after threats to shut down

Posted at 8:54 PM, Nov 30, 2017

A Kenosha woman who had been told by the government she either had to find a commercial kitchen or stop cooking for the homeless found a hero of her own.

A local bar stepped up and is letting Arnetta Griffin share their kitchen. It's now changed everything for her.

Griffin used to work from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. cooking in her small kitchen and serving meals to homeless people

"It was stressful having to cook, pot after pot after pot of chicken," Griffin said.

Now that she is using Bouron Legend's kitchen and she can get it all the work done in a few hours.

Griffin had been cooking in her home since May when she made it her mission to feed Kenosha's needy men, women and children. A local homeless shelter had shut down and Griffin saw people going through the trash looking for food. She thought she would bring them a meal. That turned into two meals, everyday since she started.

Griffin uses her own money to buy the food and cooks it in her home kitchen. That led someone to complain to the health department. They told her she had to find a commercial kitchen to cook out of for everyone's safety or they would have to take action. That is when a nearby stranger came to her rescue.

Gordy Peterson's bar Bourbon Legends is just two blocks from where Griffin serves the homeless. He thought she could work side by side with his chef without one disturbing the other.

"We have a pretty big kitchen," Peterson said. "She's doing a good thing so we decided that we had the ability to help so we did."

Griffin now has tools she never dreamed of like a commercial fryer to quickly make chicken. Plus, a trained chef to ask questions to. 

"This is all God's plan," Griffin said.

And even more, help to make sure no one goes hungry.

"Everybody God is sending into my life is wanting to help out more in the community," Griffin said. "We're going to change Kenosha." 

Griffin wants to make a big meal for the Christmas season. She plans to do it on December 16. She is looking for people to help with donations and they can do that on her website.