Kenosha woman feeds the homeless with her own money

Posted at 10:19 PM, Oct 18, 2017

After a homeless shelter shut down in Kenosha this spring, a local woman has made it her mission to get the hungry fed.

People line up near the corner of 61st St. and 22nd Ave. in Kenosha waiting for Arnetta Griffin to arrive. She comes twice a day for lunch and dinner with meals. A man who calls himself Squirrel said he sleeps in a dog house. If Griffin did not come he would have nothing to eat. And on days he does not show up, she finds him.

"She'll just leave me something there," said Squirrel.

"She doesn't ask any questions, she knows our situation," said Darryl "Joe" Peddicord.

Griffin does know their situation because more than a decade ago she was homeless with young children.

"Losing my job I couldn't pay my rent and we got evicted," said Griffin. "We went to shelters, we stayed in shelters." 

Griffin said she promised God she would pay it forward one day. When First Step Services homeless center closed she decided she could not let people go hungry. Griffin uses her own social security check to buy food. The effort is now a non-profit called God's Kitchen of Kenosha. 

Griffin hopes to eventually get a building where she can serve food from but until then she back home preparing for another of helping.

Get more information on Griffin's website here.