Kenosha leaders vetting multi-million dollar development ideas

Posted at 6:12 AM, May 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-02 08:12:20-04

KENOSHA -- Leaders in Kenosha are on the hunt for millionaire investors. 

They are off to a great start $50 million has already been promised for redevelopment in the past year.

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation just recognized the downtown retail strategy team and Facade Grant program for having the best business recruitment and retention initiative.

It is still full steam ahead, where they already demolished four city-owned buildings this year to attract new developers.

A $26 million boutique hotel in development downtown is another springboard Kenosha leaders are using to attract new investment.

"We really hope that's going to draw retailers both national and local to our area," said Nicole Thomsen, Executive Director of Downtown Kenosha Inc.

Thomsen tells us leaders from all over Kenosha County have been working together to sell new projects to investors in Las Vegas later this month.

"That's where we get a lot of great contacts a lot of great conversations," said Thomsen.

A big conversation they plan to have is the possibilities for huge buildings that have sat vacant at 6th Avenue and 58th Street downtown, for more than a decade. They both held JC Penney.

A developer can dream up anything they would like, as long as the first floor is commercial. They are already off to a good start.

"Within the past year I'd say probably twelve contacts at least with developers for this area," said Thomsen.

The plan is to push them to follow through.

"A good example I think is the Third Ward [in Milwaukee], they do a really good job of having a mix of both national and local," said Thomsen.

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