Kenosha health center could face federal investigation

Posted at 11:27 PM, Dec 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-07 00:59:49-05

A Kenosha health center could come under federal investigation.

Kenosha aldermen voted 13 to one Monday, passing a resolution requesting a federal investigation of the Kenosha Community Health Center. The Center, a private organization, is federally funded. They recently received a grand through the city for expansion. That's when questions began for the aldermen.

"It kind of evolved from sort of a simple thing of let's find out how the operations running, to 'Oh my gosh, there's really some horribly things that might be going on there, I don't know," said David Bogdala, the Kenosha alderman who sponsored the resolution.

Bogdala said he's gotten many calls from people across the city about the health center, some he describes as "horror stories."

The KCHC Executive Director, Mary Coffey, explained to TODAY'S TMJ4 she does have answers to the city's questions about using their grant funds for an expansion in their western location, while laying people off in their downtown location. She said the expansion helps them serve more people in the city, but there weren't enough dentists in the downtown location to justify keeping on hygienists.

She said she doesn't need to answer to the city beyond information about the grant they provided.

"I don't feel obligated. We answered the questions in a public forum regarding the CDBG Grant, which was Fed money. So, we had no problem doing that. So, beyond that I'm not quite sure what we would be answering," Coffey said.

She said federal audits are a part of the job but would sit down with the aldermen, in private. The alderman said he was willing to do that, but Coffey would not without having the questions ahead of time, which was something he wouldn't provide.

You can watch the full interviews in the video player above.