Kenosha DJ accused of putting hidden camera in bar bathroom

Posted at 8:17 PM, Nov 11, 2016
KENOSHA -- Police in Kenosha are working to identify women who were recorded while using the restroom at a Kenosha bar in early November. 

Christopher Bohatkiewicz was arrested and charged on November 5 for allegedly setting up a hidden camera at Sullivan’s Place on 75th Street, where he worked as a DJ.

The videos were captured on a “spy pen”, which featured a small camera lens and memory card.

According to the criminal complaint, the video captured images of women’s genitalia. 

Bohatkiewicz, who is out on bail, is a copy cat. 

He told investigators that he was inspired by an incident at Uline in Pleasant Praire, where his wife works. In that case, an Illinois man from Waukegan man conspired with a woman to set up hidden cameras at Uline's women locker rooms. Several women were recorded naked. The two were convicted earlier this year. 

Since the DJ was hired in different bars in Kenosha, like Shenanigans Bar and Grill, police are working to figure out if there are other victims. 

“It's just nothing you would have thought. He was always friendly outgoing,” said Julie Battersby, an employee at Sullivan's Place. 

Battersby said Bohatkiewicz was a regular on Friday nights and recently became a father. 

Police said a man who didn’t want to wait his turn used the woman’s restroom instead. He noticed a pen near the trash bin and picked it up. 

“They brought it home and when they got it home they found out it was actually an electronic recording device,” said Deputy Chief Eric Larson.

That man realized what was on the “spy pen” and turned it over to police. 

The memory card itself showed a man placing the pen in the women’s restroom. Police took the images to Sullivan’s Place owner and she identified the man as DJ Bohatkiewicz. Police have been able to recover surveillance video of him going into the women’s restroom on November 4. 

“Very  violated . Extremely violated. Probably even more so because I did know him and I think that a lot of people here felt like he was a friend,” Battersby said. “Hopefully he gets charged for the full extent of the law for all of them."