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Keep your kids healthy as they go back to school

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Posted at 7:18 AM, Aug 20, 2019
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MILWAUKEE — As kids head back to school germs tend to come out of the woodwork. Ascension Hospitals said they see an uptick in doctor visits a week of so after school starts for mass-group viruses. Parents do the best they can to prevent their kids from getting sick.

"It's just basically par for the course. It's just gonna happen it happens a couple times a year and just got to roll with the punches," said Nate Templer.

Nate Templer hopes teaching his kids the basics pays off.

"Tell them to wash their hands whenever they're playing around the playground and stuff like that," said Templer.

Brigid Ingram tried to get her kids healthy by spending a lot of time outside.

"I think probably hand sanitizer, shoes off when we get back in the house, hand washing, lots of sleep if possible," said Brigid Ingram.

Family Medicine Dr. Robert Kitsis with Ascension Medical Group said parents need to be good hand hygene role models for their kids.

"Washing your hands when you get home from school, washing your hands before you eat, trying not to touch your mouth with dirty hands," said Dr. Robert Kitsis.

Dr. Kitsis said this simple action can help kids avoid colds, the flu, strep pink eye and hand, foot and mouth.

"Make sure you're getting a good night's sleep, healthy diet, good exercise," said Dr. Kitsis.

As Ingram prepares to send her son off to school for the first time, she's trying not to worry about the germs that come along with the journey.

"I hope that we stay healthy. I'd like to make sure that we're not sick all winter, but no I think his immunity will build up and little by little we'll stay healthier," said Ingram.

Dr. Kitsis recommends everyone get the flu vaccination by the end of October. He also said if your kids have a fever or they're contagious keep them home from school.