Keep these toys off your holiday wish list

A warning for parents!
Posted at 6:51 PM, Nov 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-22 22:15:15-05
Potentially dangerous toys may be on your child’s wish list this year.
The Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group warns parents that over the past year and a half, dozens of toys have been recalled. The consumer organization found 16 toys can still be purchased either in stores or online.
Glenn Hale said he does research before he starts shopping for the holidays, given what he’s seen over recent years.
"You see stories all the time like this that this blew up today,” he said.
Others admit they don’t check the latest toy recall lists.
"Sometimes I do, I don't do it as often as I should," said Dawn Davis of Milwaukee.
That's why WISPIRG is warning people about more than 40 toys for a variety of concerns.
"Many like what we’ve seen in the past; lead poisoning, choking hazards, magnets," said WISPIRG organizer Ethan Jacquart.
Of the 44 toys recalled, WISPIRG says 16 are still available for purchase online, including a remote controlled flying toy that overheats creating a fire risk, paint on a monkey-shaped instrument kit was found to have high levels of lead and a pacifier chain was found to break allowing small beads to fall off creating a choking hazard.
"I would be very angry, very upset that they didn't put something out on it yet," Davis said.
Since 2005, Consumer Product Safety Commission records show 72 children have died and around a quarter million have been injured from toy malfunctions. So how can some still be sold?
"A lot of stores, when they're recalled, they're not able to identify which batches they are," explained Jacquart.
Jacquart said recalled toys do not get enough publicity, meaning many parents aren't aware of which ones are faulty.
"Well if they're still online I think they need to take them offline or at least let people know," Davis said.
Choking hazards are the leading cause for injuries or death when it comes to recalls toys.
One item you can find in just about any home for a quick test is a paper towel roll. Just try to drop small toys through. If they fit, keep them out of the hands of children.