Journey House delivers gifts to kids in need

Posted at 1:55 PM, Dec 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-21 14:55:29-05
The Journey House helped families on Milwaukee's south side have a Merry Christmas Saturday night.
There was no denying there was excitement in the air as Santa and Mrs. Claus entered one home. By the giant smiles on some kids faces, you'd never know what a difficult year they've had.
"I was explaining to them already, like mom's going through a lot, well they know I have cancer so," said Amber Morgan.
Diagnosed with stage four cancer in August, Morgan is on medical leave from work.
"Bills are behind and with six kids I mean, my husband, he's trying his best," she said. "So they were down, so when they seen this, it was like oh my god and they were happy, like because I wasn't able to get them anything." 
Morgan's family's among the recipients of some 15,000 gifts from Faith Builders Ministries and their generous donors.
"It's all about giving back," said Richard Shwoegler, an associate pastor with Faith Builders. "That's what this time of the year is for and it's just an amazing event." 
Journey House opened its doors Saturday to volunteers who turned a gymnasium into Santa's workshop.  One by one, they boarded buses, going door to door to hand-deliver each gift.
"We wanted presents so bad, so you guys came for us and I was excited," said 11-year-old Denesha Morgan.
Whether it was a small toy, teddy bear, or even a blanket, that didn't seem to matter. Their faces lit up with bright smiles.
Amber Morgan thinks Santa's pretty special too.
"I just pray and everything will work out because I didn't, I mean my kids aren't used to this and it's not their fault that I'm battling what I'm battling, but I don't know, there is good people out there too," she said.