J.J. Watt asks Wisconsin community to collect items for Harvey flood victims

Posted at 9:35 PM, Aug 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-30 01:23:08-04

NFL star and Pewaukee native J.J. Watt has raised almost$5 million for Houston flood victims online, using his presence on social media. 

"All I can say on behalf of the city of Houston is "Thank You" because we're gonna do so much good with this money.  We're gonna help so many people," Watt said.

Back in the Houston Texan's hometown of Pewaukee people are stepping up by donating items for flood victims, with help from his mom.

"He was trying to figure out how he could get the products in Texas. I said let us fill the trucks up here in Wisconsin for you and then you just meet them down there when they're ready to arrive," said Connie Watt, Vice-President of the J.J. Watt Foundation.

Many of the donors are kids who said they now have a purpose in the midst of the disaster.

"I feel like I couldn't do anything about the situation at all," said 11-year-old Delenn Kier.

"It kind of makes me happy because then I know that they'll be happy," said 10-year-old Landen Springer.

People are dropping off supplies at Pewaukee High School in droves.

"Because they're in need and they need stuff," said 8-year-old Ashlyn Springer.

"It would just be not right of me not to give it to the people in Texas that need a ton of help," said 11-year-old Nathan Kamath.

The Pewaukee Fire Department did their part to help.

"People need help and we're always looking to help people," said Lt. Marvin Hendry of the Pewaukee Fire Department.

One fan personalized her donations.

"I put 'Love from Pewaukee, Wisconsin' because J.J. just shows his love everyday for us so we have to give back to him even though he's in Texas, we'd love him to be in Green Bay," said Nancee Shoning.

Speaking of the Packers...

"It's great what J.J. is doing and what the organizations are doing to help out," said Packer's quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

There's still room in the truck for much more.  You can drop off items at Pewaukee High School Wednesday from 7:30 a.m-8 p.m. and Thursday from 7:30 a.m-3:30 p.m.

"Thank you to everybody who's willing to give anything and everything that they possibly can to help all of these people feel the love of J.J.'s home state of Wisconsin," said Connie Watt.

Trucks are also getting filled up in Janesville and Madison.  After day one, the biggest needs at the Pewaukee site are individually wrapped silverware and snacks.  Here is a full list of donation requests.