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Jesse Ritka shares two more science experiments you can do at home

Posted at 7:54 PM, Apr 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-26 13:49:31-04

Cloud in a Bottle Experiment

Cloud in a Bottle Experiment

Okay, so here's another fun experiment you can make a cloud in a bottle.

What do we need to make a cloud: we've got water in here and air but you also need either a temperature change like a cold front or a change in pressure.

Well let's squeeze the bottle to put different pressure on there. That's not doing anything to it so we need something for us to be able to see the cloud.

So, up in the air there are either dust or dirt particles, well we don't have those that we can just throw in there so that's what we've got the matches for so we're going to create some soot.

Alright so by doing this we are going to strike the match, and put it in there. Now there's little soot particles from there.

We now need that change in pressure so we've got to squeeze it. Alright, so here's your high pressure, no clouds.

There is your low pressure so that's when you get low pressure comes in and brings us clouds. Clear skies for high pressure, clouds for low pressure, high pressure, low pressure. We're getting cloudy with low pressure coming in.

Edible Fizzy Oranges Experiment

Edible Fizzy Oranges Experiment

Meteorologist Jesse Ritka is at it again, this time she has an edible experiment for the kids to try at home.

Jesse Ritka “Jaxton, Asher, do you guys like orange soda?" Jaxton and Asher say "Yes!"

Ritka "So we're going to kind of make some orange soda at home but something that kids can eat so just take some oranges or clementines and put them out around for the kids.

Now put a little bit of baking soda on the plate and then have the kids take an orange or clementine and just dip a little bit in there.

Basically you're taking the base in the baking soda and the acid inside the orange, and you're making the reaction in your mouth but it always tastes like its a soda pop."

"Mmmm that’s pretty good, I wanna do another one!” Asher says.

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