Street artist brings his famous koi back to Milwaukee

Novy came to MKE as a part of three-month tour
Posted at 5:35 PM, Aug 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-23 19:20:54-04

MILWAUKEE -- You may have noticed more street art in the city the last few days, especially a specific grouping of koi fish.

A street artist named Jeremy Novy, known for painting the fish in cities all over the country, just spent a week in Milwaukee working on about 20 different projects, including painting his famous stenciled koi.

Novy actually attended art school in Milwaukee and started the koi project here back in 2007.

He says in the last decade, he's probably painted at least 200 groupings of the koi fish in Milwaukee alone.

"As we become adults, we have less and less color in our lives and one way to bring color is to have muraling and to have street art," said Novy.

He has painted the fish in about a dozen major cities all over the country.

He says some businesses give him permission to paint on their property, otherwise he works off commissioned projects.

The inspiration behind the fish came from his time studying in China. There, he says the fish hold a sacred meaning.

For many years, Novy concealed his identity in media interviews but no longer does.

He said it's part of him "growing up." His next stop is New Orleans but he says he has plans to eventually move back to Milwaukee.