Jay Anderson's family to meet with DA next week

Posted at 10:13 PM, Dec 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-02 23:13:43-05
MILWAUKEE -- The family of Jay Anderson is preparing to meet with the District Attorney next week.  They're going on six months without the release of the police video showing their son's death and the name of the Wauwatosa police officer responsible. The Anderson family is hoping for closure.  
"I've been nervous since day one," said Linda Anderson, Jay Anderson's mother. 
She's nervous to find out if the District Attorney will charge the officer who shot and killed her son Jay Anderson back in June.  Police said the officer approached a parked car and thought Anderson was reaching for a gun.
Linda Anderson said Thanksgiving was tough.  
"I laid in the bed for two days and I just looked at videos and looked at his pictures. I couldn't find myself to get out of bed and do anything else," Anderson said.
She said looking towards Christmas is painful. 
"I put the tree up because I wanted my grandkids to still see that there's a Christmas here, but I couldn't find myself to put the lights on."
The family is supposed to see FBI enhanced video of the shooting death on Monday.
"To me, the DOJ video was clear," she said. "I seen what I needed to see, that my son was killed."
She's hoping for good news. 
"It would be to release the videos," she said. "It would be that this officer's gonna get charged for what he did to my son."
As much as they want answers, the Anderson's don't want disappointing news at Christmas. 
"It's already hard and for to do it around Christmas time I think that that would be like the biggest mistake ever," explained Anderson.
The family has already met with the DA a handful of times.