Jakubowski pleads not guilty to federal and state weapons charges

He is accused of breaking into a WI gun shop
Posted at 7:57 PM, Apr 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-25 20:57:54-04

A Wisconsin man accused of stealing 18 guns, sending a manifesto to President Donald Trump and leading law enforcement on a massive manhunt pleaded not guilty to federal and state weapons charges on Tuesday.

Joseph Jakubowski  will stand trial in both cases. He was arraigned in federal court on Tuesday morning for an April 4 burglary at Armageddon Supplies in Janesville. The second federal charge is for being a felon in possession of firearms.

Jakubowski was transported back to Rock County for a preliminary hearing Tuesday afternoon on three state charges. A sheriff’s detective was the only individual called to the witness stand to testify in the hearing.

Rock County Detective Ronald Betley said he was the first detective dispatched to the gun store after it was burglarized. Betley said no one was there when he arrived, however surveillance video captured the whole incident.

“A Caucasian man could be seen approaching the front door of the business carrying a black duffel bag in his left hand and a framing type hammer in his right hand,” Betley said.

Betley said the suspect, he believes to be Jakubowski, entered through a broken window. 

“(He) dove head first through the broken window of the door,” said Betley.

18 guns, ammunition and silencers were allegedly stolen that night. The suspect got away, but left a trace of blood. 

“I observed a red stain on top of the stool,” Betley said.

Betley said that blood matches Jakubowski’s DNA. Betley said he was then dispatched to a car fire less than three miles away from the gun store. The SUV was registered to Jakubowski.

Tuesday’s preliminary hearing was Jakubowski’s first in-person appearance in state court and he did not say a word. He had a calmer demeanor than his initial appearance when he lashed out at the commissioner about one of the charges.

“I’m not your slave, man,” Jakubowski told the commissioner then. “You can’t tell me what to do as a free individual.”

Betley testified that when Jakubowski was captured, he admitted to breaking into Armageddon Supplies and stealing guns, yet he pleaded not guilty to all of the weapons charges.

“I don’t know if innocence or guilt are going to be a huge issue in this case quite frankly,” said defense attorney Mike Murphy.

Jakubowski’s federal trial is set to begin September 25. A date has not been selected for his state trial.


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