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Jailed for dealing drugs as teen, Racine woman gets second chance

Posted at 6:15 PM, Sep 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-19 19:15:23-04

MILWAUKEE, WI - It was nearly two years ago when Mikayla Brown was caught peddling drugs near an elementary school with her mother at the age of 17. Now, Brown's been given a second chance.

"She made it seem like this was the way I was helping her by selling drugs for her," Brown said.  

Brown was locked up at for selling crack within 500 feet of an elementary school. She remembers her arrest like it was yesterday.

"They pulled me over and they were like 'get out the car, get out the car, get out the car," Brown said.

She was found guilty on two felony drug-related counts, but instead of sending her to prison, the judge opted for parole. 

"[I regret] saying yes [to my mom]. I wish I would had my own mind at the time," Brown said.  

With a new perspective, Brown is working on making herself better.

"Being enrolled in school now and working full time, and just being around positive people, I feel like I've changed a lot," she said.

Brown's mother remains behind bars. The two are not allowed to see each other, but despite the situation her mom put her in. Brown admits she will always see her mother as mom and in her eyes, not as a criminal.

"Even though she told me to do all these things, I feel like I was just helping her at the same time, I just wanted to help my mom, the person I call my best friend," she said.

Brown is now working and majoring in sociology, she said she wants to help other young people who might find themselves in a similar situation.