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'It's kind of disturbing': East Side sexual assault suspect still at large

People in the area are stunned.
Posted at 10:05 PM, Nov 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-22 01:13:56-05

Police are still looking for a man they said attacked people on Milwaukee's East Side.

"It's kind of disturbing to know that there's someone out here like that," said Gary Coleman.

Police said there were four incidents early Monday evening involving the suspect inappropriately touching victims.  They said the sexual assaults happened near Lincoln Memorial Drive and Water Tower Road.  

The surveillance image of the suspect was taken on Wahl Drive, not too far from Lake Park.  The man involved took off on a bicycle.  

"Terrible shouldn't be happening and he needs to be caught," said Hunter Vangoethem.

People in the area are stunned.

"There's a lot of police presence usually and you would think most people would be deterred from yah know doing something stupid yah know in the area," Coleman said.

The series of assaults has runners in the area rethinking their path.

"I mean they say it can happen anywhere and it's scary that it did happen here. I could have been running there. I could have been around here and that's terrifying definitely makes me think twice about throwing on my shoes and coming through here," said Lisa Bultman.

Police released a sketch and picture of the suspect Tuesday afternoon. Though they feel uneasy, neighbors are thankful there's a face to look out for.

"At least there's a picture at least there's a camera there because there's a lot of bikes in this city to keep an eye on you. Just hope that it all gets solved in the end," said Brad Poling.

The suspect was last seen wearing a striped knit stocking cap, jacket and dark pants.