'It's going to be just like Wausau:' Appleton man accused of making threats to kill ex-wife, others

Posted at 2:32 PM, Jun 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-24 14:19:08-04

APPLETON -- An Appleton man is accused of making threats to kill his ex-wife and others, comparing his plans to the Wausau-area shootings from March that left four people dead.

Song Leng Vang, 62, was charged for possession of a firearm, which violated a domestic abuse injunction, on June 13.

According to a criminal complaint, Vang's ex-wife called police on June 9 saying she was afraid he was going to kill her.

She revealed a history of domestic abuse dating back at least 25 years, police said. She told officers Vang had once pointed a gun to her head, and also threatened to strangle and kill her.

Because of the abuse, the woman filed for divorce in 2015.

Recently, Vang's ex-wife said she was contacted by two people who warned her about threats Vang had made, court documents said. Those threats included killing her and others, according to police.

One man told Vang's ex-wife and police that Vang said "I have nothing left, only my body. If she wants to take everything, I have nothing left but to die. If I go, I will not go by myself," the criminal complaint said.

He also said, "It is going to be just like Wausau or worse," according to court documents.

Vang allegedly also made these threats to his pastor, telling him, "I just want to do what the guy in Wausau did," court documents said.

Officers found a rifle in Vang's home on June 10, which he is not allowed to have because of a domestic abuse injunction.

Vang will be in court on June 22.