Items from historic Karl Ratzsch restaurant to be auctioned off

Posted at 6:25 PM, Jun 13, 2017

All we have left from the legendary Karl Ratzsch restaurant are memories, but if you have the money you might be able to hold on to a more tangible memento of the old German beer hall.

From the decor to the kitchen appliances, nearly everything that once filled one of Milwaukee’s most iconic restaurants is up for sale on an online auction. As of Tuesday morning, more than a thousand items are available including the antique chairs and bar stools. That’s where auctioneer Michael Gerlach comes in.

"We are doing an online auction because we weren't given the permission to do an onsite auction," he said.

Gerlach's company is liquidating contents from a restaurant that may be gone, but not soon forgotten.

"Especially one that's been around for 113 years," Gerlach said.

The most recent owner remodeled the historic German restaurant last year. Thomas Hauck told TODAY’S TMJ4 back in April that he found out change can be tough for longtime customers to accept.

“February didn't get better then here comes March and OK, can only go down for so far before you start to signal for help," he said.

A lack of business forced him to abruptly close. Now its ornate steins and oil paintings need a new home. They're off to the highest bidder.

The online auction closes on Monday. Click here to visit the auction to the site.