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It was so cold that Milwaukee broke or tied three 33-year-old weather records this week

Snow-covered road Tuesday in Milwaukee area
Posted at 6:21 AM, Nov 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-14 07:21:53-05

MILWAUKEE -- Cold enough for you, Wisconsin?

In this part of the country, we often pride ourselves on heartily resisting frigid winter temperatures. But it's so much harder to grin and bear it when those frigid temperatures arrive in mid-November.

Though the end of this particular cold snap is in sight (Brian Niznansky tells us there are warmer days coming!), it's worth noting that this week was historically cold in southeast Wisconsin.

How cold was it? So cold that Milwaukee tied or broke THREE separate 33-year-old cold weather records set in 1986. An entire generation has grown up since we had a November this chilly.

Here are the three records that we were lucky (?) enough to break or tie this week:

  • Record low for November 11: 14 degrees (old record 15 degrees)
  • Record low for November 12: 9 degrees (old record 9)
  • Record low maximum temp for November 12: 19 degrees (old record 23)

The good news is warmer weather is coming. We're forecasting a high of 32 for Thursday, and 36 Friday. Break out the shorts, Wisconsin!