'It was over within 10 seconds': Tornado touches down in Washington County

Posted at 10:09 PM, May 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-10 00:08:59-04

A lot of people in Washington County are breathing a sigh of relief Wednesday night from their near-miss with a tornado.

“It looked like it was coming right at my house,” said Steve Zik, a trained storm spotter who called in the warning to the National Weather Service.

For truck driver Steve Becker, the ride home through Washington County went from slow to shocking when he spotted a funnel from the side of his cab. He captured it on cell phone video.

“It wasn’t even windy where I was. It was surprisingly quiet,” said Becker.

Quiet and calm is how John Bosanec describes the weather right before his yard was hit in the Town of Erin by the tornado.

“Literally it was sunny and it changed in a second,” said Bosanec.

He didn’t even have time to make it to his basement before a dozen trees were uprooted in front of him.

“I saw the trees go. It was over within 10 seconds,” said Bosanec.

The snapped trees shut down a road and knocked out some power in the Town of Erin.

In Hubertus, the tornado just missed some homes in one subdivision house including Connie Gradall and her husband’s home.

“We saw some loose clouds doing a twirling thing and he grabs my coat and says let’s go, down the basement,” said Gradall.

The neighbors watched the tornado come straight through the farm field between the houses, hitting a tree and going straight into the swing set.

It left debris and some broken lawn furniture. But family’s like Gradall’s are happy that is all they are dealing with.