Infamous zipper merge is back on I-94

Posted at 10:40 PM, Mar 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-11 23:41:07-05

It's the two dreaded words for commuters: zipper merge. After surviving it last year, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation says it's back.

All you have to say is the words zipper merge and people react.

"It's terrible, why would they do that to us. We pay taxes, don't do that to us," says Rob Leary.

"Ahh, I think it's going to be terrible. Jeez," says Ron Melvin, throwing up hands.

Drivers heading east on I-94 are going to see merge when they hit Sunnyslope Rd.

At that point they will be funneled from three lanes to two. But the DOT says you have to stay three lanes until you see a merge sign.

"If traffic alternates with each other and merges like it says in the signs we can push more traffic through that area," Mark Klipstein, WisDOT construction project manager.

Straddling a lane or merging early will cause more of a traffic back up. The DOT says if you are worried about it use an alternate route.

They suggest getting off before the merge at Moorland Road, going north to Bluemound Road then getting back on at Wis 100.

You can also get off before the merge at Moorland road and go south. Then, use Greenfield Avenue to get on after the zipper. Or you can do what these drivers are considering.

"I don't know if I will be taking the freeway or not," says Melvin.

"You gotta plan around it," says Leary.

The zipper merge will be in place until the fall. The DOT suggests planning for at least 15 more minutes to your commute.