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'I'm 100 years old today': Milwaukee woman celebrates huge milestone

Davidson seen so much change in her 100 years
Posted at 7:13 PM, May 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-01 23:28:24-04

MILWAUKEE — In 1921, women could not vote and milk was only nine cents. So much has happened in that time and for one local woman she's seen momentous changes.

100 years of smiles, laughter, ups and downs, but most importantly wisdom gained.

A young Marie Davidson

Marie Davidson was born in Alabama. Her grandparents were enslaved and her parents stressed the importance of voting and education early on.

"One thing my mother said was 'be good to yourself and God will be good to you' and that's what I did," Davidson said. "I'm here, still here."

Davidson recalls her father always wanting to vote, but being turned away every time he went. Before he passed away he made sure to tell Marie to always vote if she ever could.

"I don't miss a vote. No, I don't," Davidson said. "Obama was my favorite because I read about him, and I looked at him and I said he is the one."

Davidson was born during the Spanish flu pandemic and was fortunate enough to not get COVID-19.

Some of the other history she witnessed includes a frightful night when the Ku Klux Klan sat in front of her home.

Those are memories she doesn't mind forgetting about.

However, all those trials and tribulations made her who she is today.

Vicki Davidson said her mother has always believed that information is a right.

"We're very fortunate that she has had a span of 100 years to see some things that people will never see," Vicki said. "

Marie Davidson's birthday cake
Davidson's birthday cake

Vicki said her mother, who was once a school teacher, always find a teachable moment when speaking with others.

One might say she's seen it all but as her loved ones celebrate her there's one more thing she hopes to see.

Her one and only grandson become a parent and to hold her great-grandchild in her arms.
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