"I was reported to Uber": Driver speaks out about ride she put a stop to

Posted at 6:55 PM, Apr 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-13 19:55:32-04

MILWAUKEE -- An update on the story of a school worker who took extraordinary measures to get a child to class.

A spokesman for Hope Christian Schools: Caritas confirms an employee tried to hail a ride share app to shuttle a student to school.

We spoke to the Uber driver, who put a stop to this situation April 5. She says she wants her side of the story told, and is fuming over her review.

"I was reported to Uber for professionalism," said Andrea, who only wants us to use her first name.

She tells us last Thursday, she went to pick up a rider, only to find a child trying to hop in her back seat. She claims to be even more surprised with what school leaders told her, when she called.

"That dozens of kids have been Ubered to school in the past and even that day," said Andrea.

A spokesman for Hope Christian Schools sent us this updated statement:
"As mentioned last time we connected, we are not in the habit or practice of utilizing Uber to transport students.  

You may recall that the parent requested the principal to call for their student and clearly we aren’t in the habit or practice of utilizing Uber as we learned of their policy against transporting unaccompanied minors in this instance."

Uber has a strict policy that requires minors to be accompanied by an adult.

Andrea had the reported issue of her professionalism cleared from her record at Uber. She hopes any other driver put in the same situation, takes a stand.

"As much as we wanna look awesome and have 100%  acceptance and no cancellations we also need to think about the safety of others and their situations like these that may come up," said Andrea.