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'I hate winter': March snowstorm frustrates residents ready for spring

Snowstorm frustrates residents ready for spring
Posted at 5:29 PM, Mar 05, 2018

A March snowstorm comes with a mix of emotions for Wisconsinites. 

“I’m annoyed. It feels like this winter was an eternity and it’s just sticking around,” said Rachel Toker. 

“Feeling pretty good. I haven’t had a good snow storm in a little bit the snow is starting to melt so I feel like it’s time to cover the ground again with some snow,” said Nicholas Tocker.

Many people headed out to run errands and get their dogs outside Monday afternoon ahead of the winter weather. 

“I hate winter and I’m kind of waiting for spring to happen so can’t wait. So hopefully this just comes by and goes away,” said David Ours. 

Some said the nice weekend made Monday night's forecast seem even more brutal. 

“I can't wear what I want to wear. I have to keep my heavy clothes on. This is supposed to be close to spring weather and we’re back at winter already,” said Annette Armstrong. 

Once the snow started to fall in the evening, residents in Waukesha echoed the same sentiments.

"It’s Wisconsin though in March and we have to expect it though don’t we?" said Lori Nowak.

Wind made the snow fall sideways at times, making parts of the city look like the inside of a snow globe.

While warmer pavement temperatures kept the snow from sticking right away, most people were expecting to break out the snow blower in the morning.

"Better March than April," said Laura Skenandore.