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Husband of attacked Froedtert nurse practitioner shares grief

Posted at 10:34 PM, Mar 26, 2019

The husband of the woman who was viciously attacked and killed in a parking garage at Froedtert Hospital is speaking out about the tragedy.

Nick Beaudin says it's difficult not to think about his wife Carlie Beaudin's last moments.

The morning she died, he was given back her wedding ring and a necklace she was wearing. He keeps them on him at all times.

He says Carlie was his rock, as well as his partner for the past 15 years.

"We met in a musical theater production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," he said. "I was struck by her instantly. She was the lead of the show. She has, or had, a voice. She had an impressive, powerful voice."

He says he'd do anything to hear her voice again, but the messages and stories from Carlie's coworkers and patients have helped him grieve.

He and Carlie's mother recently attended a private ceremony to honor Carlie at Froedtert.

"One of the patients was talking about how she would stay after her shift just to play Yahtzee with the patient who was going through some stuff and just wanted somebody there," said Nick.

He has attended every court proceeding of the man accused of killing Carlie.

"It's weird because I expected when I got into the courtroom to have a surge of emotion and I actually felt nothing," said Nick. "It was probably just a coping mechanism, but I got numb."

Carlie and the suspect never crossed paths until the night she was killed according to Nick. She was killed as she was walking to her car at Froedtert Hospital's parking structure number five.

The suspect previously worked as a valet at the hospital.

"The hardest part is getting home each day," said Nick. "We had a thing where we would scream 'baby' at each other. It meant nothing, but not hearing that is loud."

Nick says he's not ready to move Carlie's things, but he's been going to therapy once a week after experiencing panic attacks.

He wants others to remember Carlie's story for the love she shared in her life.

"We lived a very honest, loving relationship," he said. "I wish everyone could find that."

Nick says the record-breaking amount of donations to the Wisconsin Humane Society in Carlie's honor has been an amazing source of comfort in all of this. He and Carlie's mom checked the donation page constantly and were able to feel a glimmer of light during such a dark time.