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Hundreds turn out in Milwaukee for 2nd annual Women's March

Posted at 6:16 PM, Jan 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-20 19:17:44-05

MILWAUKEE -- More than 1,500 people gathered outside the Milwaukee County Courthouse Saturday.  

"It does make a difference when you show your face, when you’re there," Jasmine Winters said. "When you’re here amongst all these people. It does make a difference."

They say if you want to be seen, stand up. 

"Keep going," Winters. 

And if you want to be heard, speak up.

“I don’t want anyone today to be quiet," Maddy Sharkey said.  "I want us all to be loud. I want us all to encourage each other."

That’s exactly what the hundreds of women and men are doing today —marching the streets of Milwaukee while promoting equality and using signs to shine a light on everything from sexual harassment to political change.

“The message has been heard loud and clear," Sally said. 

"Especially for this march women’s rights are at the forefront of our political discussion," she continued. 

Those who helped organize the march in Milwaukee say the goal is to show up and be counted, taking the momentum of last year’s march and harnessing the political power of diverse women and people from all walks of life in an effort to create transformative social change.

“It’s important to be a part of the process," Stacey Gardner said. 

"A part of the political process and to just have an understanding of what’s going on in society," Gardner continued. 

That’s why women young and old stood in solidarity today —marching side by side with a commitment to dismantle systems of oppression in the most nonviolent way.