Hundreds protest Trump in Milwaukee Monday

Posted at 9:52 PM, Feb 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-20 23:17:31-05

Protesters held rallies in cities across the nation against Donald Trump and his administration on President's Day, and Milwaukee was no exception.

"On President's Day were telling you you're not our president, and that's got to be deep for him, or hopefully it is," said Ronni Blue.

About 500 protesters met at Zielder Union Square and marched downtown to Senator Ron Johnson's office at the Federal Courthouse Monday night. The group united for the Not My President March, but people had different reasons for protesting.

"We're here to support justice for all, freedom for all," said Khaled Abukhamireh.

Some marchers showed up with healthcare concerns.

"We'd all be much better off, businesses included, if it was simply a social insurance program provided by the government for all citizens," said Gay Baldwin.

Others gathered with education at the top of their minds.

"Why it's important to have not only affordable education when it comes to higher education, but also to talk about why public school are essential to our democracy," said American Federation of Teachers member Luz Sosa.

Kate Nolan brought her kids and grandkids to march for women's rights, gun control, and everything in between.

"Leaving things to just a sort of hearsay, and what they're wondering about is inappropriate. This is part of their education," said Kate Nolan.

A couple who watched the group go by wished the marchers would give the president a chance.

"There needs to be a change and America only got to be where it was with a risk," said Laura Mutschler.

Eric Mutschler called the protest disrespectful.

"I never liked Obama as a president, but I respected him as the office that he held, and I respect him as a man; and I would never have done this kind of things to him," said Eric Mutschler. 

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