Hundreds of thousands of red Skittles mysteriously spilled on Dodge County road

Posted at 4:14 PM, Jan 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-18 23:26:54-05

DODGE COUNTY -- A sweet mystery in Dodge County has people talking. Skittles were found all over County Highway S.

It seems someone really wanted to 'taste the rainbow' on Tuesday night. After the Skittles were found, people in Juneau had their opinions on what happened.

"Maybe national Skittle Day?" said Joey Dobbratz.

"No government plots, no," said Rick Peterman, on whether it might have been a conspiracy.

There were only red Skittles on the road, and that had people scratching their heads even more.

"Somebody was very meticulous about it," said Rick Peterman.

The sweet scattering of Skittles was not without witnesses, but the cows refused to talk. Luckily, a farmer did come forward.

"From what I understand these Skittles were probably rejects from the factory. They are given out to farmers because apparently they are good nutrients for cattle," said Sheriff Dale Schmidt.

He says the farmer had picked up his box for the cows Tuesday night and the rain disintegrated it, causing half the Skittles to spill onto the road. But as to why the Skittles were pink - that remains a mystery.

"So you think it's a different variety?" asked reporter Rebecca Klopf.
"I think it is," said Schmidt.
"Do you think it was the mixed berry?" asked Klopf.
"I think it could have been the mixed berry or some sort of a mixed berry," said Schmidt.

The highway department did have to go out and sweep the Skittles off the street, though some thought the candy made for better traction on the wet roads.

The lieutenant in charge of the deputy who found the Skittles thought they were playing a practical joke on him. He actually came out to the scene himself Tuesday night to make sure there were Skittles on the road.

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