Hundreds join in effort for justice for 6-year-old Milwaukee shooting death victim

Posted at 4:50 PM, Jul 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-24 07:17:04-04
MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee family is grieving the loss of a six-year-old boy. 
“I’m just tired of it," Angel Lewis said. "I’m honestly tired of the gun violence,"
Angel Lewis is Justin Jr.'s aunt. She said her nephew was visiting his grandmother before going on a fishing trip with his stepfather Saturday. Prior to departing with his stepfather, Justin stepped out of the car to tell his mom goodbye, but he never made it past his grandmother's doorway. 
“You saw all those babies out there, and you guys chose to shoot," Lews said. "And they took away my six-year-old nephew. It’s so hard to cope with, I can’t."
According to Lewis, her nephew loved basketball, football, and fishing. He recently took a fishing trip last week, Lews said it breaks her heart knowing he'll never have a chance to take another one. 
"He loved to go fishing," Lewis said. "He just actually went fishing Wednesday and caught his first fish, he thought it was a shark."
Lewis’s pain is part of why her community is presenting a united front. Hundreds marched Sunday chanting Justice for Justin Evans Jr. and peace for a city plagued by the pain of innocent children losing their lives to gun violence. 
“If anybody has any leads about my nephews killing [please come forward]," Lewis pleaded.  
"He honestly did not deserve that and my sister did not deserve to watch her baby die in her arms," she continued. 
According to MPD, since 2012 nine children have been murdered by gun fire in the city of Milwaukee. Justin Evans Jr. is the tenth, and the investigation surrounding his murder is ongoing. 
The family has set go a GoFundME account, they're asking for monetary gifts to assist with funeral expenses. To donate, click here.