Hundreds attend vigil for Pewaukee girl hit by car

Ashlyn remains hospitalized in serious condition
Posted at 5:24 PM, Jul 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-24 18:43:53-04

PEWAUKEE -- Hundreds attended a prayer vigil at Pewaukee High School for a 12-year-old Pewaukee girl who's fighting for her life.

TODAY'S TMJ4 spoke with Ashlyn Flegel's parents just before the prayer vigil began at noon Sunday. They said they’re so appreciative for the community’s love and support and that they never could’ve imagined how much of an impact their 12-year-old has had on others.
The crowd gathered on the football field on a hot day to pray.
"We never expected any of this or knew people were really like this," said Tony Flegel, Ashlyn's dad.
Ashlyn Flegel's about to enter the 7th grade. She loves her friends and she loves to dance.
"I’m so proud of her. I’m proud of her for things I never knew about her," said Shannon Flegel, Ashlyn's mom.
Flegel was hit by a car last week while riding her bicycle to summer school. She wasn't wearing a helmet.
“I just want to share that you know as a parent sometimes you think kids outgrow a car seat and somewhere along the line I just thought kids outgrow a helmet," Shannon Flegel said.
Friends have been sharing secrets with Shannon Flegel since the accident. That's helping her stay strong.
"Because at 12-years-old, I think that your friends know you in a different way than your parents and I got to experience I think something that I don’t know. A lot of parents don’t always know about their kids," Shannon Flegel said.
Friends did something special as Ashlyn remains hospitalized in serious condition. They recorded "Fight Song" and said it's now Ashlyn's theme song.
“They were playing it for her in the hospital room and we thought she would rather hear it from her peers than someone who actually sings it," Winter Cianciolo said.
Many who attended the prayer vigil said they don't know Ashlyn or her family, they just wanted to show support.
"I just want everyone to know that everyone’s praying for her and everybody loves her," McKenna Kloss said.
The family is trying to keep everybody updated on Ashlyn’s condition and of course keep the prayer chain going. Follow her progress through this Facebook page.