How you can help hurricane victims

After the destruction from Hurricane Florence, thousands of people will be left with damage to their homes and other properties. The Federal Emergency Management Agency put together a list of ways you can help them.

  • Donate money: Cash is the most effective way to help a community after a disaster. Donating objects such as food, clothing and bottled water can sometimes create logistical issues and more expenses. The Salvation Army has a page set up specifically for Hurricane Florence relief.
  • Volunteer: The National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster is a FEMA-trusted non-profit organization. 
  • Connect with a non-profit: Make sure that you are appropriately trained to respond to a community before entering the situation on your own.
  • Donate what is needed: Connect with organizations so that you are only donating what is needed and not what you think is needed. Used clothing is never needed in a disaster area.
  • Be patient, and stick around: Volunteers will be needed for months, maybe even years after the hurricane hits.

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