How to protect your Cyber Monday orders from thieves

Posted at 10:25 PM, Nov 28, 2016
MILWAUKEE -- Cyber Monday is on its way to break spending records. On Monday alone, consumers were expected to dish out nearly $3.5 billion online. As packages get delivered in the coming days, porch pirates are on the prowl. 
"They're going on to people's property, seeing that people are away, they're at work you know two family incomes people are working longer, dark this time of the year and they take packages. Packages that may have been your holiday gifts or maybe something you wanted for yourself. That's a big problem," explained Todd Marks, Consumer Reports. 
The problem could get worse since more than 120 million Americans bought something online Monday. The Amazon facility in Kenosha was ready for the Cyber Monday madness. Last year customers ordered 629 items per second. 
"Each year it's actually gotten bigger, I think. It's because people love being able to shop from their couch or on the way to work," said Teal Pennebaker, Amazon. 
To make sure your purchases stay out of thieves hands, here are some options:
  • You can send packages to an Amazon Locker. There are 10 locations to choose from in Southeast Wisconsin. 
  • Using an app is another option. There's one that controls your garage door when you're not at home. A delivery person can drop off items inside. 
  • Using a sensor device like the "package guard" that sounds an alarm if someone takes a box off of a motion-detecting plate, is another way to go. 
  • The Post Office said you can get specific with delivery instructions so your package is left in a safe spot at your home.  
  • You can also request your package be left at a post office for you to pick up yourself.
  • Another way to track your package is signing up for text alerts from the postal service, go to