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How to make your Valentine's flowers last

Dip your rose in warm water to bring back to life
Posted at 8:36 AM, Feb 03, 2018

MILWAUKEE -- Gardening expert Melinda Meyers shared some ways to keep your Valentine's flowers looking extra fresh.

She says make sure to have wrapping around your flowers during transport in these extreme cold temperatures. 

Make sure to clip the ends of each flower in an angle. This will prevent the stems from staying flat on the bottom of the vase so that the flower can absorb water.

Be sure to fill your vase with the nutrient bag your florist gives you. There is fungicide to prevent rot and nutrients to keep the flowers living longer.

If your flower begins to droop, Melinda suggests you dunk the flower in warm water for 30 minutes and recut the stem then it will stand up straight.

Melinda Meyers will be at the NARI Home Improvement show starting February 15. Click here to find out more.