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How social media can hurt your job search

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Posted at 7:02 AM, Feb 04, 2019

Sixty-five percent of employers are researching you on social media to see how you present yourself. So you may want to delete those wild photos of your last trip to Vegas.

It's just one recommendation by experts who guide people during their job search.

They also recommend updating your profile picture. Try to maintain a current and professional headshot and use the same photo across all of your accounts; it's better personal brand recognition. And steer clear of photos that are too personal or offensive.

Another suggestion: refresh your bio or About Me section by tailoring it to your career or life goals, and remove unnecessary information such as your address or birthday.

Review your hashtags to make sure they are appropriate.

The website Workopolis reports the top three things employers are looking for are: if you will be a good fit with their corporate culture, to find out more about your qualifications, and to see if you are creative.

Lastly, remember that some employers still check your social media accounts even after you've been hired.

Keep your profile fresh and up to date but remember what you share can make you vulnerable professionally.