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How one woman remains stuck in Sheboygan, unable to return home to New Orleans as Ida pummels through

Currently all of New Orleans is out of power
Posted at 10:46 PM, Aug 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-31 19:28:26-04

Caitlin Orenella works as a traveling hairstylist, originally from Sheboygan but now calls New Orleans home. She was in town for work and had plans to fly back to New Orleans before the hurricane hit but her flight got canceled. Now she is anxiously waiting to see how and when she will be able to return back to her family.

She had been following the storm and was not concerned until her phone began to buzz with emergency notification text messages on Friday.

"The city of New Orleans is issuing a mandatory evacuation," read one message.

It was then, Orenella realized this was not going to be an easy storm.

"Categories kept going up and up and up like every couple of hours," said Orenella.

Soon enough, the storm has reached a category 4 and she realized not only was her flight going to be canceled but she could be stuck in Sheboygan for much longer than expected.

Orenella's husband, Luis, has been in New Orleans with their two dogs. She worries her communication with him could be cut off shortly as cell service is already very limited.

"Being here, being stuck and not necessarily knowing what's going on. If something does happen because I know it's very possible that cell service could go down and I won't be able to get in contact with him."

We asked her to try calling her husband and luckily he answered.

"We are pretty much barricaded in, that way nothing is flying around. Currently, the situation is the power is out," said Luis.

For as long as Luis has cell service, his only access to news of any sort during this storm is by calling his wife in Sheboygan for information.

Until Monday morning, all emergency first responder lines in New Orleans have been suspended.

Caitlin fears the potential of losing contact but is hoping and praying for the best.