How much do you really know about the Brewers?

Posted at 6:54 AM, Apr 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-04 10:08:51-04
TODAY'S TMJ4 had some fun with Brewers fans leading up to opening day.
Since the team is fairly new this season, we stopped in at T.G.I. Friday's at Miller Park and found out just how well fans know the new crew.
Watch the video above for more.
If case you want to try for yourself, here is some more trivia:
  1. Jonathan Lucroy is making his 5th straight start at catcher which ties the team record.  What former Brewers catcher also made 5 straight starts?
  2. What player has made the most starts at a particular position?
  3. Because he was traded last year, which player will not be making his 7th straight Opening Day start?
  4. What player has made the most Opening Day starts?  (OK, some have to be easy!)
  5. What starting pitcher has made the most opening day starts?
  6. What starting pitcher has made the most CONSECUTIVE opening day starts?
  7. True or False.  The Brewers have had the same Opening Day lineup in consecutive years?
  8. What position has had the most Opening Day starters?
  9. How many different positions did Paul Molitor start at in Opening Days?
  10. (This is for the True Blue Brew Crew fan)  From 1974-1976 the Brewers had the same Opening Day infield.  Can you name them?
  11. Name the two Hall of Famers that have started at Designated Hitter?
  12. 2016 marks the 6th straight year the Brewers will have a different Opening day 1st baseman. Who are the others?


  1. BJ Surhoff (5)
  2. Jim Gantner (11 starts at second base)
  3. Carlos Gomez
  4. Robin Yount (19)
  5. Ben Sheets (6)
  6. Yovani Gallardo (5)
  7. False
  8. Right Field (27 different players)
  9. 4 - Second base, Shortstop, third base and designated hitter
  10. Catcher-Darrell Porter  1B -George Scott  2B-Pedro Garcia SS-Robin Yount  3B-Don Money
  11. Paul Molitor and Henry Aaron
  12. '11 - Prince Fielder '12 Mat Gamel '13 Alex Gonzalez '14 Lyle Overbay '15 Adam Lind '16 Chris Carter