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Horlick High School students march against racial injustice

Posted at 6:58 PM, Feb 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-23 22:31:10-05

After classes Friday, students at Horlick High School in the Racine marched to district headquarters to share their concerns about what they say are racial injustices.

Close to 100 students and community members were side-by-side.

“It feels amazing, it feels empowering,” said Luis Tapia, a junior at the school. “We’re tired of being discriminated of who we are.”

Rally organizer Fernanda Jimenez says their list of demands include having more integrated classes, ending hall sweeps, and they would like the district to create a student elected position on the school board. They also want monitors to stop following black and brown kids because of their color.

“It’s unfair the way we’re treated, it’s unfair the way we’re discriminated and this must stop,” Jimenez said.

The March was followed by a rally in front of central offices, where students were supported by teachers and community activists. Moving forward they walked right into headquarters to give schools leaders their demands.

The school district is reviewing the student demands and say they’ll be happy to meet with students to discuss them in the future.

Racine Police were on hand to help escort the students protesting. The Racine Superintendent wasn’t in the office this afternoon.