Homeowners fed up with attempted car break-ins

Posted at 3:52 PM, Sep 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-26 19:19:29-04

MILWAUKEE -- Homeowners on the city's east side are fed up with thieves trying to break into their cars.

They're taking matters into their own hands. Many are putting up their own home security cameras, trying to catch thieves in the act. 

One resident is now showing that video to everyone on his block, and some of his neighbor's say the same stranger continues to target their neighborhood.

"He had the same build. He was wearing different clothes, but he had the same type of hair as the description I gave police on the night we had an attempt of a break in," said Shannon Nohl.

That was just a few nights ago. Nohl was in the backyard watching her dogs when she heard a noise.

"There was a gentleman right there in front of me in my driveway just a few feet away from me. I screamed. I ran indoors. I called 911 immediately," she said.

When police arrived, they say the stranger had broken into Shannon's car. He had gone through her entire car while she was standing just a few feet away.

Now a lot of  people that live up and down Summit Avenue are fed up. They want to catch this guy.

"We have ordered cameras for our homes. so have our neighbors. To be hit over and over, it makes us feel vulnerable and on edge." said Nohl.

Police say neighbors should call them if they see anything suspicious, and always lock their car doors.