Homeowner's Association says family's "12 feet trees" are the problem, not child's playground

Posted at 5:53 PM, Jul 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-02 11:41:29-04

OCONOMOWOC -- The fight continues over 6-year-old Ashlin’s playground in Oconomowoc.

The family says the playset is therapeutic for their daughter who is in and out of the hospital with kidney issues.

They say the Prairie Creek Ridge Homeowners Association told them they had to get rid of the playground -- but the association says that is not true.

The HOA says the main issue is with the 12 feet arbor trees in the front yard, not Ashlin’s playground.

In a statement, the HOA says the trees should come down because homeowners have complained they don't fit the harmony of appearance within the subdivision. The association says fences are only allowed to be 4 ft on the side yards and 6 ft in the rear.

They also say the trees lead to safety concerns such as children running out into the street from behind the trees making it hard for drivers to see them before stopping.

“This is the first that I've heard about their issues with our trees,” Kristi Hays, Ashlin’s mother said.

Hays says they got verbal approval last year before they put the trees up.

Hays says the trees serve as a barrier for Ashlin when she plays on her playground; she just got home from a kidney transplant.

The association also says they didn’t know Ashlin was sick and the playset isn't the problem they just wanted to bring attention to the family’s violations.

They would like to explore turning it into a "community playset".

"I haven't spoken to my attorney about it and I don't know what her advice will be," Hays’ said. "Liability reasons alone, if a child gets hurt or if their parents aren't here I would be responsible."

Until this gets figured out---Ashlin is receiving love. Rebels on a Mission, known for helping bullied children stopped by Sunday afternoon to show support.

Attorney's from both sides are expected to meet early this week. They are hoping to get this resolved soon.

The Association also says they reached out to the families several times over the past few months seeking a compromise but the family says the first they heard of the issues were two weeks ago.

To read the statement from the Homeowner's Association, click here.