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Hit-and-run crash survivor hopes to find man who saved her

Posted at 9:46 PM, Jan 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-10 23:37:29-05

Forty-year-old Tanya Cari Reed, of Shorewood, feels blessed this New Year. The singer-songwriter, special ed teacher is celebrating life after a close call with death. She was sitting at a red light when a driver struck her car and ran off.

"I hope that I don't die like this that was my thought," she recalls.

"I had a big lump on my head, but I did not know if I was bleeding."

The accident happened Saturday, December 14th at 630 pm. She was at 107th and Silver Spring and on her way to perform at her church Christmas concert.

"I blacked out!"

Luckily a good samaritan arrived and helped. Reed believes his name was Reggie or Randy and that he was driving a jeep. She wants to find him and tell him how grateful she is that he called 911.

"He did not have to pull over. It was really dark!"

"I just want to thank him and give him a hug,"

That first responder saw the driver who hit Reed's car hobble into the woods. The car remained on the scene and is registered to a person in Arizona. The hit and run driver has not been located.

"He clipped me and my car was spinning!"

Though Reed suffered a concussion, bruised back, neck and PTSD, her mind shifts to positive thoughts.

"I really am lucky. I am blessed, I am fortunate. I am protected!"

Reed, a special education teacher at Audubon High School in Milwaukee has gotten strength from her students. She shares some of her welcome back greetings.

"This one says welcome back Ms. Reed."

Reed admits such gestures of kindness have renewed her faith and keep her hopeful for tomorrow.

"I love life. This is like a new lot in life. I'm just grateful to be alive."

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