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Highlights from Steve Stricker's year of golfing and prepping for U.S. Ryder Cup Captain

Posted at 10:41 PM, Apr 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-20 23:41:14-04

We are five months out from practice rounds at Golf Kohler at Whistling Straits for the Ryder Cup. And while Steve Stricker continues to think of the possibilities in his role as captain of the U.S. Ryder Cup team, his golf game hasn't suffered. Witness his latest victory.

Stricker recently won the Chubb Classic on the Champions Tour. And he's still playing some selected events on the PGA Tour.

"You know, Steve, you may have noticed, is playing a little bit more on the PGA Tour again this year, and he's playing quite well, I might add. But that definitely gives him an opportunity to connect and engage with the players that may be in the mix," Director of the Ryder Cup Jason Mengel says.

Lance Allan of TMJ4 Sports: "Does that blow your mind, Jason, that I got into this business in 1992, and I remember talking about this guy, and you're right. Like he's 50 whatever years old, and he's still out there competing at the highest level?"

"Yeah it's amazing," Mengel says. "And really that's unique to golf. You could be in your late 40s, your 50s, and still compete with the big guns on the PGA Tour."

Lance Allan: "By the way, he's got this little job of U.S. Captain to do too?"

"He does, but I know, we have bi-weekly calls with him and Nikki and Mario and their team, and he shares our excitement. He's looking forward to this September," Mengel says.

Lance Allan: "I'm just amazed at how he can compartmentalize all these things and be good at so many different things."

"Yeah, I just checked the leaderboard and he's very good still, playing on the Tour," Mengel says.

Some would say Stricker could be a player-captain. But I think Steve knows he'll have enough on his plate, trying to lead his team to glory and victory at Whistling Straits.

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