High-tech simulator trains bus drivers

Driving simulator acts as classroom
Posted at 2:47 PM, Sep 29, 2017

Milwaukee's Lamers Bus Company says boasts a training program unlike any other in the state, operating their buses as mobile schools. 

Frank Derginer's bus is equipped with a driving simulator and classroom, and goes to almost 40 bus terminals across Michigan and Wisconsin.

He's been a safety training teacher for the last 15 years and a driver for 25 years, which makes him more than qualified to bring education to his student bus drivers. 

"It's just a wonderful piece of equipment. Because we can do things on the simulator that you can't take a real bus out there and do that. You know we can't crash a real bus," Derginer said. Derginer said. 

DerginerDerginer trains everyone from novice to more seasoned drivers on the simulator. He challenges drivers through one of nearly 150 different driving simulator scenarios. Afterwards, he leads the class in a discussion on what went well and what they might have re-learned.  

Veteran drivers Alicia Pittman and Dexter Trice have more than 35 years of experience between them, but they say their driving knowledge could always use a reboot. That's where the simulator comes in. 

"It keeps us on our Ps and Qs, because these are real life things that are happening out there and we want to make sure we keep the kids safe," Pittman said. 

"If we crossed this situation that our trainers is training us on, we'd certainly be aware of it. It sharpens you up, I'll put it that way," Trice said.