High speed chase captured on Brown Deer police dash cam

The suspects drove on the sidewalk to evade police

Dash camera video from Brown Deer police shows how dangerous a police chase can be, as officers pursued suspects through several North shore communities.

Police attempted to stop a stolen car Wednesday, but the suspects took off after seeing the officers’ lights. The suspects weaved in and out of traffic, drove on a sidewalk and even crashed into police, but still didn't stop.

The driver went right up onto a sidewalk, and drove in between houses. The officer behind the wheel couldn't even give a location.

When the chase got too dangerous, the officer stopped pursuing the suspects.

But, the chase started again later and another officer joined in. On Port Washington Road the suspect weaved around the sides of cars, accelerating well over the 35 mph speed limit.

The driver then pulled into a subdivision in Mequon, wound around a cul-de-sac and crashed right into the officer's squad car.

That's where the chase ended for the officer.

"Somebody else has got to call it," the officer said. 

Her squad could not keep going, and the chase is eventually stopped again. However, the suspects were found later by Mequon police and were taken into custody.

The suspects were five males between the ages of 16 and 18.

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