Dog saves family from carbon monoxide poisoning

Posted at 9:39 PM, Feb 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-16 07:43:50-05

HARTLAND -- A family pet saved her owner's life.

"She's like an angel.  She is our protector," said Nicole Siekert.

The Siekerts have loved their Border Collie Aussie for nine years, but now Abby Lynn has taken on a new role.

"She's a super hero," said Grace Siekert, 5 years old.

"She was amazing," explained Bella Siekert, 5 years old.

Nicole and her daughters woke up Thursday feeling under the weather.  One of the twins even got sick. 

"We were all just kind of lagging," said Siekert.

After breakfast, the twins felt well enough for school, but Nicole was dizzy.  She could hardly stand up.

"I laid down and Abby jumped up on the bed and she would not leave me alone.  She was all the way up by my head and my pillow nudging my head trying to lift up with my head with her nose."

Abby's persistence got Nicole out of bed.  The dog lead her owner downstairs to a chirping carbon monoxide detector.  That's why We Energies is honoring Abby with a special award and treats from the Humane Society.

"I'm just filled with goosebumps.  She's amazing, she saved my life.  She saved my families life."

Nicole can't even think what could have happened if Abby wasn't around.

"I think I would have just laid down and gone to sleep." 

The Siekerts were treated and released from the hospital for Carbon Monoxide poisoning.