Heavy rain overwhelms Southeast Wisconsin flood damage companies

Posted at 6:31 PM, Jun 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-26 19:31:02-04

Over the past two months we have received more than 10 inches of rainfall across southeastern Wisconsin.

Almost half of that rainfall fell last week led to flood damage in homes, destroying carpets and drywall causing an uptick in business for flood restoration companies.

Gino Venturini, Project Manager at Marathon Restoration said a lot of the flooding that he finds in homes comes from sump pump failures and sump pump backups, usually due to a thunderstorm knocking out the power and the operation of the sump pump.

The cost of repairing water damage in your home can reach into the thousands.  

Venturini suggests setting up a maintenance plan with your plumber to regularly check your sump pump and pipes for proper operation and any blockages.

“Keep an eye on your belongings, try to keep your belongings up off the ground in plastic containers,” said Venturini.

But if you are caught off guard by water getting into your home Venturini and his team can help.

“Once we do discover what’s been affected then it becomes the dry out process…so setting down fans dehumidifiers so we can do a full dry out process and get that moisture out of there,” said Venturini.