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Heating help available for low-income homeowners

Posted at 3:46 PM, Dec 11, 2017

Heating your home through the cold Wisconsin winters can be a costly endeavor, but there is help out there for families struggling to make ends meet. 

According to the Social Development Commission, homeowners can sign up for the weatherization program, and families may qualify for free services to lower utility costs. 

If you meet the program requirements, an SDC energy auditor will visit your home for an inspection and recommend cost-saving improvements such as air sealing, insulation, furnace repair or replacement, and other changes, free for the homeowner.

Last year, the program typically saved homes $400 a year, according to SDC reports. 

Low-income residents of Milwaukee County can find out if they qualify by contacting SDC’s weatherization department at 414.906.2700 or stop by the Social Development Commission located at 1730 W. North Avenue, Milwaukee.

For more information on SDC’s programs and services, visit, or connect with them on Facebook or Twitter