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HAWS of Waukesha takes in dogs from South Korea meat farm

Posted at 9:21 PM, Dec 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-04 23:25:14-05

Dozens of dogs have a new home in Southeast Wisconsin as volunteers from eight shelters unloaded more than 50 dogs at Waukesha County Airport Monday.  

Some came from a euthanasia shelter in California. Ten flew from Asia.

"This year between the hurricanes and the Korean dogs this is our seventh flight," said Lynn Olenik, HAWS Executive Director.

The dogs rescued from a meat farm in South Korea are now at HAWS in Waukesha. 

"A lot of the younger people are more westernized and look at animals as if they're more pets and they're not really being bread for the meat trade anymore," Olenik said.

Now it's up to volunteers including Larry Russell to help get the dogs acquainted with their new temporary home.

"Ear rubs, gentle quiet voice and so forth.  Slow movements and so forth helps because it's been a crazy plane ride for them," Russell said.

The dogs were quarantined abroad, but all still get checked for health problems and behavioral issues.  Then it's bedtime.

"Helping them get harnessed, I'll put the collars on them tonight, I will socialize them I will bathe them if needed," Russell said.

The executive director said one of the biggest challenges is teaching these animals how to be dogs.

"We're not just saving them I think.  We're changing a culture," Olenik said.

Some of the dogs will be ready for adoption this weekend and most by next week.  There will likely be some who need more time.  You can follow their journey at