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Harley-Davidson unveils '19 model motorcycles

Posted at 5:56 PM, Aug 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-21 18:56:30-04

Harley-Davidson on Tuesday rolled out the 2019 models of its Street Glide, Road Glide, and Limited motorcycles. 

After the new bikes were unveiled at the company's all-dealer meeting in California, Al Currie pulled the black covers off of them at House of Harley-Davidson on Layton Avenue. 

"It's always exciting to see what new improvements are made," Currie said. 

He said the upgrades to the motorcycles include a new display system which allows riders to toggle between functions like music and road navigation more quickly. 

Currie said the new bikes all have beefier, stronger motors. 

Earlier this summer, Harley-Davidson announced a global growth strategy that included the planned production of smaller, sleeker motorcycles to appeal to riders in markets like China and India.

But Currie said the '19 model bikes unveiled Tuesday show Harley-Davidson remains committed to producing its signature, touring bikes. 

"There's always place for the touring bike," Currie said. "Harley-Davidson pretty much invented the touring motorcycle, and it's a big, big part of our family." 

He added it's important Harley-Davidson continues to grow its rider base. 

The company has set a goal of creating 2 million new motorcycle riders in the next 10 years, as the company's loyal customers like Currie age. 

"We've got to keep filling that funnel and exposing those new riders and younger riders to the Harley-Davidson product," Currie said. "Eventually, we're going to age out and not ride at all. So someone's got to come in and take my spot." 

Also as part of Harley-Davidson's growth strategy is an electric motorcycle - the LiveWire - which is coming in 2019, according to Harley-Davidson's website.

Currie said dealers are already preparing.

"There are policies and programs being rolled out so that dealers are ready in terms of the charging stations and the technology and equipment we'll need to maintain and service electric bikes," Currie said.