"Harley and the Davidsons" sets viewing record

Show watched by 4.4 million viewers
Posted at 1:16 PM, Sep 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-14 14:47:40-04

Everyone in Wisconsin knows that people love to ride their Harleys, but now it's clear they also like to watch them on TV. 

Last week's airing of the Discovery Channel’s "Harley and the Davidsons"  was a record-breaking success, reaching a total of 4.4 million views.

The show, which ran Sept. 5-7, was the most-watched single-network miniseries in nearly four years.

The 6-hour miniseries documented the birth of the iconic franchise. 

Given that this whole company started out of a shed in Milwaukee, it only makes sense that the creators of the show chose to make the Harley Davidson Museum the center of their research.

The show's producers visited Milwaukee to learn about Harley's history. The Davidson family was also allowed to preview portions of the script.

“We are really pleased that so many shared the wild ride of Harley and the Davidsons,” Rich Ross, Group President for Discovery said in a statement. 

From a wooden shed to an American franchise documented in a successful miniseries, Harley Davidson has come a long way from its humble beginnings.